Once every few years, a new technology comes along that surprises and delights us. We've seen this over and over again in consumer technology with smartphones, voice assistants and so much more. In hotel tech, the story is the same. During this webinar, we will share opportunities to adopt some revolutionary new products that can help you achieve record direct revenue. We'll show you how you can transform the journey from search to stay, delighting your guests along the way.   

Join us, as thought leaders from StayNTouch, TravelTripper/Pegasus and OTA Insight discuss: 
    • Ways in which hotels are achieving record direct revenue, personalizing the guest journey, and leveling the playing field with OTAs

    • How to capitalize on ancillary and incremental revenue opportunities during check-in/out and heighten guest satisfaction while doing so

    • How to optimize your pricing and maximizing revenue opportunities with smarter, next-level revenue strategies