As technology continues to permeate every industry, there are worries about constant data and cyber breaches and the hospitality industry is not immune to those challenges. So how does a hotel secure guest data and build a firewall equipped to handle the sensitivity of credit card transactions and pertinent guest data?

In this webinar, learn how to choose the right multi-layered security approach for your property and ensure that your guest information is protected. Executives from StayNTouch, Merchant Link and Ingenico Group will discuss:

  • The challenges the hospitality industry is facing in regards to data and payment security
  • How cloud solutions allow hotels to avoid liability risks by utilizing integrations
  • Why it's beneficial to be able to bring payments to the consumer through mobility (makes the process more transparent and gives guests more control with transactions)        
  • The importance of a multi-layered security approach to securing guest card data (EMV, P2PE and Tokenization)                                             
  • Choosing the right technology for your property