Mobile is changing the very nature of how services are requested and delivered at hotels today. From mobile check-in options allowing guests to have a choice in service, to real-time messaging enabling hotels to better communicate with their guests. And with invaluable data simplified for optimal use,  the guest journey can be mapped on a single dashboard and accessed from anywhere, with any device.
In this webinar, learn how your hotel can differentiate itself with mobile solutions that are tailored to meeting the new demands in a mobile driven economy and enhancing the guest stay experience from end to end. Executives from StayNTouch and Snapshot discuss: 
    • How the average consumer has changed since the introduction of the smartphone
    • Enhancing the guest stay with increased mobile touch points 
    • How to simplify big data/information to better personalize the guest journey 
    • How equipping your staff with greater mobile access enhances the FOH/BOH relationship and thus, the guest experience 
    • Finding the right mobile solutions for your property
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