With HITEC quickly approaching, it’s time to focus on your hotel’s unique areas of opportunity. In today’s ever-changing, ultra-competitive hotel economy, hoteliers know that fully-integrated distribution and revenue optimization systems are part of that opportunity. Yet many are still having trouble getting the most out of their PMS, CRS and RO.

Join StayNTouch CEO and Founder, Jos Schaap, SHR VP of Product, Estella Hale, and Rainmaker VP, Ellis Connolly, for a special LIVE event dedicated to de-mystifying and optimizing the PMS/CRS/RO relationship to your best advantage.

In this webinar, learn

    • The key factors that indicate a changing economy and the needed shift in a hotel’s technology strategy
    • Positioning your PMS as a hub to maximize connectivity of your technology solutions
    • Interfacing your CRS with the PMS/RO to maximize your distribution
    • Optimizing your best revenue strategy to streamline pricing, enhance guest acquisition and boost your bottom line
    • Key takeaways and changes you can make now
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